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No Added Sugar No Yeast Rye Bread, 450 g

Energy value
950 KJ / 225 KCAL
Total Fat
2,1 G
Out of which saturated fat content is
0,2 G
42 G
Out of which sugar content is
4,4 G
5,8 G
6,6 G
1,19 G

Bread with NO ADDED SUGAR and NO ADDED YEAST belongs to the family of authentic breads. Yeast is replaced with natural leaven, while bread sweetness comes from natural grain malt. This bread is perfect for anyone aiming to reduce sugar intake, or wishing to improve their daily rations with a meal of whole-grain. This bread has up to 28.8% of it. Baked traditionally, in big, 4.3 kg loaves the bread keeps moisture, is evenly-baked, and its surface is covered with a delicious crust.

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