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Dark Rye Wholegrain Bread Without Yeast, 300 g

Energy value
1009 kJ/ 239 kcal
Total Fat
2,1 g
Out of which saturated fat content is
0,2 g
44 g
Out of which sugar content is
8,7 g
6,5 g
7,3 g
1,27 g

Full-grain bread without added yeast – since this recipe requires up to 70% of the full grain rye flour; the final product is healthy and rich in nutrients. The bread is baked without added yeast making it a real find for anybody in search for a healthier choice. Full-grain bread without added yeast is distinguished by the traditional form, expressive taste, which is inherent to whole grain breads. The natural leavening, used to replace yeast, gives it even more character. Indulge in this bread with your favorite spreads, layer it with various vegetables, soft cheeses, and softer meat products.

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