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Less paper – more trees

Less paper – more trees

In our activities we constantly seek to reduce the impact to nature, thus we decided to turn Vilnius into a greener city. In the mid-October, employees of the company planted 20 oak trees in the capital’s Ozo Park. It was precisely the number of trees required to be processed for paper production, that Vilniaus Duona saved in the year 2016.

By estimating the reduced volume of paper used in the past year, we decided to symbolically plant as many trees in the chosen place, as the amount of the saved paper. After summing up the results of 2016, it turned out we’ve managed to save 20 trees. The exact number was planted in the capital, with the help of the public institution Vilnius City Parks.

The tree planting campaign was primarily aimed to give a meaning to paper-saving initiative and in turn to make the city more clean and green. And at the same time, this turned out to be a great motivation and an opportunity for our workers to team up and have quality time together.

The decision where oak trees should be planted was made following the special employees’ voting. At first, the city was chosen. After the decision of employees that this should be Vilnius, the actual place was selected.

Ozo Park candidacy’s win was not random. This is a developing settlement, still lacking that coziness that trees can provide. By our plans, in the near future, there should emerge more recreational spaces, nearby the spot the oak trees were planted.

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