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Vilniaus Duona baked a record amount of bread for the holiday feasts

Vilniaus Duona baked a record amount of bread for the holiday feasts

For Lithuanians, celebrating big holidays without the bread is just unperceivable, and on the Christmas Eve’s feasting table, a place of highest honor is dedicated to bread. However, celebrations this year, according to Lithuanian bread market leader Vilniaus Duona, are expected to reach record highs. The company for upcoming celebrations baked 157 tons of bread just in 23rd of December, or 9% more than last year and up to 28% more than in 2014 on the same day.

In the pre-holiday period, bread production volume grows up every year, but this year bread gained even more popularity than usually – just a day till Christmas, and 70% more bread was baked than on the average during December.

Gražvydas Jukna, the Commercial Director, notes how all types of bread sales went up this year, before the Winter holidays. Rye bread sales reached almost 80%, and wheat bread sales reached over 60% more than the average.

“The robust growth of rye bread popularity could be linked to the recent tendency of selecting more natural and healthier products. We are seeing how more and more people look for breads with a larger proportion of whole grain rye flour, with different grain and seeds, yeast-free or with lower sugar content. Such habits are not abandoned during the holidays”, – tells G. Jukna.

In the category of rye products, large growth of Vilniaus Duona production sales before the Christmas season was noted for trademarks of Agotos dark bread (more than 60% growth) and Beata Virtuvė dark bread with seeds (almost 80% growth).

“Wheat bread retains its popularity during all the holidays, but before Christmas this year we’ve noticed a higher demand than usual. Such trends aren’t very surprising. We have offered new wheat products to our customers this year, and popularity of wheat breads with different additives is still growing.”, – says the Director of Commerce.

In the category of wheat bread, the most popular were these Vilniaus Duona products: Beatos Virtuvės bread for toasting with seeds (94% growth) and Toste Sandwich bread for toasting (56% growth).

With Christmas approaching Vilniaus Duona offers new products – new Etnia sandwich bread, Visagrūdė yeast-free bread, Urtės light bread with cannabis seeds, instant consumers favorite. As G. Jukna points out, consumers before the holidays are eager to try out novelties, thus sales of newly introduced products also increase by decimal percent when compared to sales average of December.

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