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“Vilniaus Duona” has been qualified with a BRC quality certificate

“Vilniaus Duona” has been qualified with a BRC quality certificate

Vilniaus Duona has been qualified with the international BRC quality certificate, granted exclusively to companies manufacturing products of the highest quality only. Representatives of the company note, how such an appraisal will further strengthen company’s positions in the domestic market, and at the same time will ensure greater competitive advantage further developing business in foreign markets.

According to Gražvydas Jukna, the Commercial Director of Vilniaus Duona, the BRC certificate is highly valued around the world and company’s partners will get assurance, how the bakery, operating in the capital of Lithuania, is operating in accordance to the highest standards of quality, safety, and process management.

„ It is very important for us that our partners and consumers both are assured about the Vilniaus Duona’s products quality. This internationally recognized quality-confirming certificate acquired by Vilnius bakery will help us to further strengthen market leadership, and also increase our customers’ confidence. They will be even more confident that we purchase the raw materials from the best suppliers, and guarantee an impeccable production process by being capable of managing all possible risks. “, – he says.

According to company’s Director of Commerce, the quality certificate will help in export development. Last year Vilniaus Duona’s export production reached 3.65 million EUR. The increase is even 40% more compared to 2016. Lithuanian bread products are exported to Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Great Britain and other countries.

According to Heli Sakki, the quality manager of the leading baking company in Scandinavia and the Baltic States Lantmännen Unibake, to which Vilniaus Duona is affiliated, the BRC certificate is only issued to bakeries of international level. The candidate companies must ensure not just the impeccable activities of the production chain, but also to commit to continuous investments in process development and employees’ well-being and education.

“BRC is the warrantor, that the manufacturer will carefully select raw materials, will ensure a smooth functioning product line, will have a competent and constantly improving team. These are the most important factors for potential partners.  Even more opportunities open for Vilniaus Duona of exporting our products to consumers in different countries.”, – she tells.

BRC food safety standard is considered to be one of the strictest in the world. The certificate is granted only to the producers, capable of ensuring the continued product quality and safety and constantly investing in new technologies.

In order to satisfy standards of BRC, companies are required to ensure the perfect management of whole production chain. It is necessary to conscientiously supervise the quality of raw materials, to control the technological processes, and to comply with the most stringent hygiene requirements. In pursuit of the certificate, Vilniaus Duona has invested in special metal detectors and X-ray detection equipment.

UAB Vilniaus Duona is the leader in the Lithuanian bread market and the largest bread manufacturer in the Baltic States. Last year, company’s turnover amounted to 34.3 million EUR or 8% more than in 2016.

Vilniaus Duona is affiliated with the international bakery group Lantmännen Unibake, specializing in the production of frozen and fresh bakery products. Lantmännen Unibake is a part of a global agricultural cooperative operating in the fields of agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food industry, and a leader in the Nordic countries.

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