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Vilnius Duona launches a new chain of bakeries

Vilnius Duona launches a new chain of bakeries

Vilniaus Duona comes forward to greet its customers and launches a new chain of bakeries – this Friday the doors of our first bakery shop opened in the capital city.

Customers of Viniaus Duona Bakery Shops will have an opportunity to try the bakery products freshly baked on site and not available at major supermarkets.

While the name of the new chain Vilniaus Bakery Shops suggests there’ll be a place to buy, yet at the same time here also will be a bakery, producing fresh bakery products at the site, with an opportunity of savoring the delicacies on the spot. According to, Director of Commerce Gražvydas Jukna the new chain of stores was developed after taking into account the requirements of customers and the changes in buying habits.  “We took notice of higher demands of contemporary customer – for them, it’s not enough simply to buy a long loaf or some bread at the store, they look for exclusive products and for a closer, warmer contact with the baker.  In addition, these stores will let us to better understand customers’ needs and at the same time to test new products before mass production. Buyers will find exclusive, non-mass products in our shops,” said G. Jukna.

The product assortment range in new bakeries and shops will include various breads, sliced at site – loaves of 1.5-2.4 kg brought in, as well as fresh buns, baked on the spot, the freshly baked most popular Lithuania’s long loaf Sostinės, and other Vilniaus Duona popular bestselling products. The total shop product range of the store will reach over 100 products. “One of the important specialties of our shops, and we believe our buyers will appreciate it soon enough – a wide selection fresh croissants and buns, baked by delicious recipes. We’ll offer even six different types of croissants, for example, baked using rye flour or various grains. Some will become real novelties here in Lithuania”, – tells G. Jukna.

According to the Director of Commerce, Vilniaus Duona as the bread market leader brings the image of some grand, massive production to some people’s minds. “By launching this chain of bakeries, we aim to rebut this stereotype, by coming forward to meet our customers and confirm that we bake bread for everyone in Lithuania”, – he said. For this purpose, the new chain stores will have a modern interior, warmly colored. And for everyone wishing to savor the freshly baked delicacies, there are tables with chairs to sit on. According to G. Jukna, the chance to offer new baked products to consumers occurred after changes in company’s the ownership. In July of 2015 Vaasan Oy, the leader of baking companies in Finland and the Baltics, to which Vilniaus Duona is affiliated, was acquired by the Lantmännen corporate group, one of the leaders in Northern Europe of freshly baked products.

The first Vilniaus Bakery Shop, sized 70 square meters, was opened in a site of symbolic value – on the Tuskulėnai Street, close to a factory bakery of the former Vilniaus Duona.  The company is planning to expand the business to other cities of the country for the next year.

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