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About Vilniaus Duona

We are Lithuanian bread market leaders and the largest bakery in the Baltic States

We are the Lithuanian bread market leaders and the largest bakery in the Baltic States. We bake more than 80 different bread products and continuously amaze our customers with new ideas in bread products. In twenty-four hours we bake a quarter of a million breads and other bakery items!

Founded in Vilnius in 1882, Vilniaus Duona is the largest and oldest bakery in Lithuania. The first wood-fired ovens were replaced with modern equipment and Vilniaus Duona began supplying breads not only to Vilnius, but to all parts of Lithuania. In 2019 the turnover of Vilniaus Duona reached 35.9 million EUR.

During the 138 years in the business we accumulated long experience, but preserved the old bread baking technologies and authentic recipes. And we do not stop here: we continue investing in production modernization and product quality assurance, therefore consumers appreciate our products. Our products are sold not only in Lithuania: we also export them to Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Great Britain, Ireland, USA and other countries.

„Lantmännen Unibake“ group

Vilniaus Duona is part of Lantmännen Unibake, the leading baking company in Scandinavia and the Baltic States, affiliated to Lantmännen – one of the largest groups of companies in Northern Europe, doing business in agricultural, machinery, energy, and food industries.

Our top priorities are product quality and safety.

For several decades, we have been improving our processes and systems to meet the most strict customer requirements.
Lantmännen Unibake is represented by the following companies in Finland and the Baltic States:

Lantmännen Unibake
VAASAN Oy, Finnland
AS „Leibur“, Estonia
A/S „Hanzas Maiznicas“, Latvia
UAB „Vilniaus duona“, Lithuania

Lantmännen Unibake groups the annual turnover reaches up to € 1 billion, 6'000 employees.

Vilniaus Duona history

Vilniaus Duona is one of oldest industrial companies in Lithuania. Several generations grew up enjoying its bread.


The origins of Vilniaus Duona. It was a military bakery powered by steam and the largest bakery in Lithuanian gubernias at the end of the XIX century.


The bakery baked 378311 poods of bread (1 pood - 16.38 kg). A decade later, the Vilnius Military Bakery was officially placed under an obligation to supply production at lower prices to the poorest Vilnius town people and suburban residents.


The Vilnius Bread Company was established, comprising the previously mentioned and other 16 small bakeries. The bakeries were not mechanized and mainly wood-fired. Several types of bread, long loaves, and rings were baked. Most of the work was done manually until 1947.


Old ovens at the bakery were replaced by new ones, doubling the baking capacity – the period of industrial production began. A decade later, baking of “Vilniaus” bread began. This bread is still in production and its recipe has never been changed.


The Vilnius Bread Industry Association (uniting all the bakeries operating in Vilnius) was re-registered as a state-owned company Vilniaus Duona. The company name stays on to this day. In the last decade of the 20th century the sales of Vilniaus Duona products were expanded to other regions of the country and they became Lithuanians’ favourite.


The company joined VAASAN group – the bread market leader in the Nordic and Baltic states.

2004 - 2008

Vilniaus Duona successfully implemented a major restructuring project that resulted in development of a modern and efficient production line for rye and wheat bread. During the restructuring a new bakery was built and commissioned in Vilnius, the bakery in Panevėžys was modernized, and three outdated and inefficient bakeries in the center of Vilnius were closed. The restructuring of the production and logistics enabled further successful company's development and manufacturing of new modern bakery products.

2014 - 2015

Reconstruction of the bakery located on V. A. Graičiūnas Street in Vilnius by installing two new production lines for long loaves and sandwich bread. Production was started in June-September, 2015.


In 2015, Vilniaus Duona joined Lantmännen, one of the largest groups of companies in Northern Europe, operating in agriculture, machinery, energy and food industries.


We are still making history…

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